Here are some quick notes about E-Quiver and who we are.

Since 1995 E-Quiver, Inc. is a small business in Central Ohio that originally started out as Lauren Industries, Inc. (named after our oldest daughter) but changed its name because the founders, James and Christine, ended up having more, and more, and more children.  This way they could avoid the turmoil of the kids fighting over why the company was named after our oldest daughter.

As a corporation within the State of Ohio E-Quiver, Inc. operates several divisions that are a part of the “E-Quiver Family of Companies”.  Most of the divisions or businesses were originally named after the children but over time we branched out and started coming up with other names.

Happy is the man that hath his quiver full (Psalm 127:5)…

Meet a few of the E-Quiver, Inc. family of companies:

  • Lauren Industries – A bin-stocking supplier of fasteners to the industrial and automotive industry.
  • Newt’s Games – Includes the trade names Newt’s Playing Cards that has created a niche market in playing card accessories like card trays and trump markers.
  • – Originally started as the creator of our own sites, we have now created many websites for businesses and non-profits.
  • RTD Media, which includes Dimple Times and Pickaway Cultivator.