About Us

Here are some quick notes about E-Quiver and who we are.

Since 1995 E-Quiver, Inc. is a small business in Central Ohio that originally started out as Lauren Industries, Inc. (named after our daughter) but changed it’s name because the founders, James and Christine, ended up having more, and more, and more children.  This way they could avoid the turmoil of the kids fighting over why the company was named after our oldest daughter.

As a corporation within the State of Ohio E-Quiver, Inc. operates several divisions that are a part of the “E-Quiver Family of Companies”.  Most of the divisions or businesses are named after the children of James and Christine but there are exceptions. As you browse this site you will see some of those examples.

E-Quiver, Inc. is a business that believes very strongly in the strength of the family and our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe that with God nothing is impossible.


A Few of our Business Beliefs:

– To be honest, upfront and as complete as possible with all customers of E-Quiver and it’s divisions.

– To portray our personal, spiritual beliefs in a way that glorifies the God we serve.  This includes our attitude, service and every action.

– To be willing to admit to a mistake and try to fix it the best we can.

– To develop a work environment that does not take away from the family life.