E-Quiver, Inc. takes on each endeavor with a fresh, honest outlook.  Are we perfect?  Far from it!  We do however believe in making the most of life, work and home.  The owners, James and Christine Esteph, believe that “if you are not having fun, then you are missing something.”  “Many folks believe that the grass is greener on the other side but we believe the grass is only as green as your gray colored glasses let it be.”

Here is a brief history of each division, some are still around, some have closed and we’ve moved on.

  • 1995-Present – Lauren Industries is a bin stocking supplier of  automotive clips and fasteners, industrial supplies, and maintenance repair supplies since it’s start.  We pride ourselves in personalized service, great products and competitive pricing.
  • 1999-Present – Calebweb.com has always reflected the nerdy side of James. It started as a website that allowed you to search multiple search engines at once but we became a designer/host of not only all of our current websites, but websites for other non-profits and businesses in the Central Ohio area.
  • 2000-Present – Newt’s Games originally launched as Newton’s Novelties back in 2000 as an online store and briefly opened a location in Westland Mall in 2001.  In 2004 we started to realize that the thing we were selling the most of was our playing cards so we changed the name to Newt’s Playing Cards and started creating some of our own decks.  We operated in Canal Winchester for several years and briefly opened a small location in River Valley Mall but it was in 2006 when we moved it to Circleville, Ohio that we fell in love with the small rural town.  From that point we primarily operated as an online merchant with a brick and mortar presence.  In 2014 everything began to change again as we not only felt the impact of a poor economy but we started to see the buying habits of consumers change.  From there we started to morph Newt’s in to a manufacturer/publisher to find niche markets of it’s own.
  • 2001-Present – The ClipLink launched as an online source of automotive fasteners and clips.  Offering several thousands of hard to find items with a modern site has proven to be a good tool for not only many home mechanics, but manufacturers and body shops too.
  • 2003-2004 – Rachel’s Nature launched as a sell from home supplier of natural products.  Unable to find our own niche this idea has been shelved but we continue to look at ideas and hope to relaunch at some point.
  • 2005-2006 – Isaac Homes was created as a home builder that tried to use as many recycled products as possible to build a home.  We still love the idea but after building our first home we never moved forward on a second one primarily because we found it difficult to find US Citizens to build the home.
  • 2006-Present – Real Souvenir Publishing launched as an outgrowth of a deck of historical cards we created for Circleville, Ohio.  From there we have created hundreds of decks of cards for history centers across the US.
  • 2013-2018 – Keystone Books and Gifts was created to be our first business with a focus on “local retail”.  Created to be a spot for not only the community but a place where Newt’s Games can display some of their items under the name Orange You Glad.  It also included a small place where people can create ceramic art and at some point a micro-cafe for customers as they browse.  The store was closed in 2018 after multiple problems with the building we were renting.  We still dream of reopening…
  • 2017-Present – Dimple Times is a print and online newspaper with the goal of creating “Interactive, Inspiring and Informative” content for fans in Pickaway, Fairfield, Ross and Fayette County.
  • 2020-Present – The Cultivator newsmagazine was created to highlight the unique nature of local communities.  Our first launch was the Pickaway Cultivator which is where the Dimple Times originated.